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Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project

For women in socially and economically challenged situations

Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project

On January 26th 2010, Centre for Social Service started its third project. Dr. Ganga C Choudary, a benevolent donor, wanted to utilize his retirement benefits for a good cause. His wife Dr. Lakshmi Ganga motivated him to channelize his donations to help unfortunate women in need, especially where socio-economic norms dictate the life and fate of many of them. They acquired a small property along with a house and donated it to start this project. Honoring their noble thought the third project is named - Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project.

The main aim of the project is to help women in crisis situations by giving them counseling, temporary shelter and livelihood skills to make them emotionally and economically strong to face life with renewed hope. Various short and long term trainings were undertaken in Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project. Around 90 women got free training in tailoring under this project. To give the program a structured and sustained form with direct connect with customer’s base, an offshoot of the Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi project, Swayam Sidha Units were started at Bundlaguda near Nagole. Sri Nageshwar Rao and Smt. Vishala met the expenditure for stilt, 1st and 2nd floors of the building which houses the units. Sri Ganga Choudarygaru and Smt. Lakshmi Gangagaru bore the expenditure of the 3rd and 4th floors. Thanks to the persistent support of many of CSS ardent supporters and IDF who sponsored the equipment for the tailoring unit, Sri Jagangaru who sponsored books for the library, Swayam Sidha units started taking shape.

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